Farming software / What does it achieve? 
Administrative savings, it reduces drastically the number of users. Information flows from the start to the end without duplicating tasks and keeping its quality.

Savings on software investments, the company will always enjoy the latest Keops’ version without any cost. There aren’t any more software investments.

Savings on infrastructure, any user can connect to Keops from any PC. The only thing you need is an access to Internet.

Time saving, Keops eliminates paper files, their mess and the waste of time in the search of information thanks to its file management and its information flow. Our comprehensive solution will help in managing your business: Warehouse management, traceability control, outage management, packaging and distribution, sales management, production and sales reports, etc.
Money saving. Our customer service has developed all the software from the start, which minimizes the time required to solve eventualities and, thus, the cost they generate.

Keops’ users become highly productive users; they know their goal because Keops shows it on screen. They only work with the necessary data and devote their time to tasks which provide value to the company.

The management finds great benefit when taking decisions, the information is in real time and consistent, there are no flaws because there are no users who make mistakes; the management takes decisions quicker than its competitors. The management puts its efforts in the taking of decisions for the future of the company.