Farming software / What benefits does it provide? 

field program. management distribution.


KEOPS, the global fruit and vegetable management software by Alter Soft, is a powerful tool that will help you with the daily management of your business. (Technical management field, farm management and plots...).

KEOPS adapts to the production, preparation, distribution and trading sectors in detail. It is an ideal solution for managing buying and selling vegetables and fruit.



Greater economic performance
Business advantages
Place the company in the technological avant-garde
Centralize all information in a single environment
Maximum control and performance in data management
Avoid paper documents loss – File Management
Satisfy the needs of the economic-financial area in an efficient way
Deal with all the agricultural holding’s registers
Computerize faithfully warehouse activity
Detailed trade management (Production reports, sales reports, EDI order management, warehousing, stock ...).
Comprehensive traceability control
Strengthen the human staff though the implementation of true company intelligence
Customer service and support to the company