Accounting software / What benefits does it provide? 
It centralizes administration in a single server and is able to integrate with other applications.
It incorporates a powerful range of business tools with advanced functions (workflow engine, reporting, alerts, authorisations, etc.) which allow time saving and establishing coherent work practice.
Ares’ flexibility and power instruct users to accomplish a highly-productive work from the start.
It allows calculating the cost and performance of the different products, services, centres, departments and business you are interested in concerning your business’ management; providing you enough information to take well-founded decisions.
This tool will quickly become the solution which will take you further than any other when making the annual budget, its monitoring and its periodic review.
It presents a faithful image of your assets, the financial situation and the outcome of your operations as at group level.
It provides greater cash flow control, achieving a higher efficiency and agility.
It stands out for its simplicity and ease of use when stocktaking, accounting and analysing the extent of your assets and rights that form your depreciative assets.
Ares adapts to the regulation of ECC countries.
It allows obtaining the official reports in an electronic format.