About Us 

Technological ability, vocation for service, flexibility and excellence

We are a software manufacturer, family owned, constituted in 2002 after more than 20 years of experience in the Information Technologies (IT) field. We are specialised in two main sectors: Financial sector (Securities Industry) and Farming sector (Agricultural management, warehouse management, traceability...), thus offering in each of them products that integrate the whole of your possible businesses.

The connecting link between both products is a Business Intelligence platform and a solution to the Accounting Field. These tools have been enriched extraordinarily to meet the plurality of needs resulting from the merging of the financial and farming sectors.

BIA ©, is the software for the financial sector and KEOPS ©, for the farming sector. The interface between BIA © and KEOPS © is MATER ©, the smart platform that supports the bases of both of them and ARES © which meets the accounting and financial needs of any kind of organisation.

The software is entirely Web-based developed (Java, HTML, Java Script) under the MVC (Model View Controller) form, which allows having the user’s interface, business logics and data access clearly separated. This way, we guarantee our customers a versatile, solid, and state-of-the-art product.

The technical team consists of engineers and bachelors, organized in the following functional areas: the Development Department (carries out production, I+D and software maintenance), the Implementation Department (is responsible for the correct parameterisation and customer training) and the Business Development Department (carries out the technical management of customers and projects).

Alter Software is a family owned company, so the transmission of its values goes beyond the own generation, creating a commitment to business and a long-term view that generates durability and sustainability in our projects.

Why choosing us?

We enhance the intelligence and good judgement of companies

Alter is a company which is big enough to develop ambitious projects and yet affordable enough to keep a customized treatment, an effective project management and a quick response to the customer’s demands.

Alter possess a great deal of knowledge about business organization and their information requirements; and it also has in-depth knowledge about the farming and financial sectors. This helps us understand our customer’s particularities and provide them with the technology and the service they require.

In Alter, dialogue and trust are key factors; we appreciate the human dimension and that is why we give priority to a close communication based on long-term individual relationships.

Alter maintains a very high qualification level amongst its staff, qualification which grows stronger day by day through a positive and humble attitude in the face of adversity and a permanent attitude of effort and recycling. The selection process used in order to incorporate new technicians is very strict; we take into account intelligence and knowledge, but also other personal attributes such as effort ability, focus and work, as well as human qualities. In Alter, work is team-developed, sharing out authority in a natural way in every new project, without any need for a pre-established hierarchy; this makes us outstandingly agile and operative.

The high quality in our products as well as their far-reaching functions, allow us to guarantee our customers total freedom in business decision-taking, knowing that we will always be able to provide them the tools they require for their implementation.

To Alter’s team, our customers’ satisfaction is our biggest responsibility, we outline each project as a new challenge, and our commitment and tenacity make us reach the goal fixed together with each of our customers sparing no effort and will. Alter guarantees that all the technicians at your service are part of its workforce.

Alter has chosen establishing business partnerships with its customers and has discarded any outsourcing relationship with third parties (distributors or representatives), which would be contrary to our proximity commitment and our goal of offering our clients the best solution at a reasonable price.